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Pricing & Packaging.​
Instead of using months to debate, argue and spin your wheels I will cut through the noise and guide you to a vastly improved commercial model. 
In record time. With less risk.

My Goal : There will be a clear 'before' and 'after'.

Pricing & Packaging

Fee: 1% of ARR  (min €25,000 +VAT)

Pricing & Packaging design + full access to me during a 90-day implementation period.

Together, we will:
  • Design packaging and pricing that fits your customers, your sales model, your investors' excel sheets and your long term product roadmap.

  • Build pricing and discount architecture to monetise customers properly across sizes and types.

  • Settle on key terms and conditions such as payment periods, contract lengths and product guarantees.

  • Lay out a timeline with clear milestones and accountability for you to validate the pricing with customers and go live with your new pricing.

  • Solve any 'particular' issues you might have: partners and resellers, marketplace dynamics, competitive positioning, migration from old product versions to new etc.


I will:

  • Speak with you and your leadership team individually to understand your desired outcomes, get to know the group, and identify potential fault lines and tensions.

  • Book you for a series of design workshops where I present a series of core designs and guide you through a selection and improvement process to arrive at a core design.

  • Ensure your action list is thorough and accountabilities are clear for everyone in the room.

  • Guide you through all necessary implementation work, validation and preparation for a sales test.

  • Provide access for senior management to my 'Advisory' service for questions on what we decided, how to execute, or anything else, for a full year.

You will:
  • Answer a simple data-request I forward to you. Expect around 1 days work for one person. 

  • Get a new Pricing & Packaging framework along with a fool-proof implementation plan for everyone, in days not months.

  • Align across your leadership team on why your customers are buying your solution and how they perceive your price. 

  • Vastly reduce risk in your model by eliminating common mistakes and getting clarity on the risks you have to run and why.

  • Communicate your commercial direction succinctly and convincingly throughout your organisation, eliminating redundant excess work, wheel spinning and friction between teams.

  • Free up more time eliminating friction in sales, product and finance than you actually use implementing the new Pricing & Packaging - essentially gaining time and execution power.

  • Get advice from an expert who's also a former 3x founder himself.

  • Grow revenues. About a quarter of my Pricing & Packaging clients more than double MRR from new sales within 90 days. About two quarters less-than-double, but still do +20% growth on comparable lead flow. Last quarter get results later as they postpone implementation or not at all because they fail to implement for one reason or another.

  • Read a case story here.

  • My fee guideline is 1% of your current ARR with a minimum of €25K, due upon agreement. Generally the complexity of a pricing and packaging design scales relatively well with your ARR. Higher ARR means a bigger and more mature product to repackage, more history and data to digest and more stakeholders to involve.

  • Generally for scaleups above $10M ARR I suggest reaching out to discuss a more bespoke project where we can align on specific objectives, measurements and results.



HAVE QUESTIONS?: write me at

Pricing & Packaging

1% of ARR, minimum of 25,000 +VAT


My 'Services for Startups' are just that - for startups only.

(Defined as any company that has yet to turn a profit.) 

The vast majority of my consultancy practice comes from serving non-startup clients from SME's to Fortune 500 corporates. These projects usually start at a minimum of €100K and are - by their nature - highly tailormade to the situation at hand.

My startup services are not. I've done this enough to know how to get you to that 'next level' efficiently and expediently.

For that reason I don't change the format (it has plenty of built-in flexibility) and I never offer discounts.

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