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Services for Businesses

I define 'Businesses' broadly as any non-startup and non-investor entity.

Pricing, Packaging and Commercial transformation executed with common sense and extreme ambition done by a leading global expert with more than a +100 happy B2B SaaS clients served.

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How I can help you

I help good SaaS products become good SaaS businesses. 

I do this by helping you see the true value of your solution across all potential customers and segments - and then unlock extraordinary growth and profitability from packaging and pricing your solution to monetise those customers.

- Just as I've done for over 100+ other B2B SaaS businesses across Europe, Asia and North America.

Whether you are a legacy tech company looking to migrate an on-prem solution to cloud, a systems integrator looking to build a product division or a growing tech company looking to maximise metrics and strengthen the commercial narrative prior to an exit - I've done it and I can help you.

Typical issues I help companies with:

  • Set strategic goals for your SaaS business

  • Build a clear and executable plan to hit strategic goals

  • Hit and exceed growth targets.

  • Improve margins

  • Secure profitability despite variable input costs.

  • Improve specific KPI's (e.g. NDR, ARPA, Churn, CLV/CAC).

  • Help set up the right KPI's to manage your SaaS business

  • Shift on-prem to cloud - with low or no churn.

  • Help build SaaS businesses within legacy non-SaaS businesses, including organisational development, culture and processes.

  • Help T&M businesses productise their IP and create ARR.

  • Monetisation of open source eco-systems.

  • Monetisation through value chains (e.g. OEM-Owner-Operator).

  • Go up-market

  • Go down-market.

  • Shifting to product-led sales.

  • Build partner & reseller sales channels

  • Significantly raise prices with minimal risk and churn

  • Shifting service revenue to ARR.

  • Iron out friction between Product and Sales departments.

  • Get past "We already tried that".

  • Set up future-proof contract frameworks.

  • Optimise prices - also across geographies.

  • Build growth forecasts, budgets and KPI structures that work.

  • Build and support internal Pricing Functions​

Typical results

I don't take on work where I'm not strongly confident that I can ensure there is going to be a definite 'Before' and 'After'. My baseline success is that you are distinctly and tangibly better off after working with me.

This is what have allowed me to build a 7-figure income as a solo-consultant, based exclusively on referrals and word-of-mouth.

That said, typical results include:

  • Increased growth - often doubling or tripling existing rates.

  • Increased ARPA - often adding +50%, +500% or more.

  • Increased TAM as we target new markets with existing product.

  • Decreased sales cycles and increased conversion rates as customers 'get it'.

  • Decreased operational 'load' of customers as we streamline contracts, discounts and product configurations.

  • Increased valuations - both from higher ARR and better multiples due to better unit economics.

Who I help

I work exclusively with B2B tech companies with recurring revenue models. This is most often SaaS, but can also entail hardware components, platforms, data-as-a-service, managed service concepts, marketplaces and so forth.

I have helped small tech companies with 20 people and sub $5M ARR and global enterprises with +$10B ARR and footprint in +100 countries and across all global timezones.

Who I do not help

I do not work with companies or clients who:

  • Sell primarily B2C.

  • Do not primarily have recurring or re-occurring revenue.

  • Only need a few hours to 'take a look at what we're doing'. I don't work on an hourly basis as I find it unethical. Also all of my work is scoped based on outcomes ('publish new pricing with a net-increase in ARR), not inputs or methods ('we spend 5 hours / do a workshop etc.).

  • Ask me to answer a RFP.

  • Need a team to come and execute the project for them. If you need this, fair enough. Then you are better off going to McKinsey or SimonKucher and hiring a team. I'm happy to introduce you to partners I know who do good work.

All of the above are legitimate requests - but you will be better off finding another provider for them than engaging with me as your advisor.

How I work

How to get started

I work either on a fixed-fee project basis or on retainer, depending on what we decide is the best way to accomplish your goals.

Reach out and schedule a call with me.


In the call we go over your general situation, and establish what you are trying to achieve by working with me. We ensure these objectives are formulated as hard measurements to allow us to track progress on them.

We assess the likely minimal value from reaching those objectives - both in hard monetary terms, but also in organisational 'wins' like decreased friction between Product and Sales.

I then suggest a method for how we might reach those objectives in terms of a methodology and a timeline. 

If we agree conceptually that the cooperation has a very high likelihood of generating substantial value I will then send you a formal proposal which you'll accept and then we can start working. 

I always manage my engagements to be able to take on new clients within a few weeks notice.

You can reach out via the form below, or send me an email.

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