I believe that all good SaaS products also deserve to become good SaaS businesses - and that requires good pricing.

WillingnessToPay.com is the pricing-arm of Behavioural Strategy Associates and the window to Founding Partner Ulrik Lehrskov-Schmidt and his work on B2B SaaS Pricing, Pricing Design, Pricing AI and statistical modelling.


We built Willingnesstopay.com because we believe that all good SaaS products also deserve to become good SaaS business - and that requires good pricing.


Ulrik works closely with several Venture Capital firms, Family Offices and Accelerators in Europe and the US to create good pricing for early stage startups outside his work with established enterprises.


Ulrik is also the preferred pricing partner for Microsoft Western Europe on their Independent Software Vendor programme, for SamsungNEXT and Conscilience Ventures and works closely with several other European VC firms.

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Ulrik Lehrskov-Schmidt

Founding Partner, Cand.fil in Analytical Philosophy & MA Finance (Harvard).

Ulrik has started and sold three companies (PropTech, Media, Manufacturing) before co-founding Behavioural Strategy Associates on the idea that behavioural economics can be applied consistently to improve commercial results.

Ulrik is a prolific writer and an active keynote speaker on the topics of Pricing & Monetization, Business Models, Market Validation of Products, Commercially Driven Product Design and Behavioural Economics. 

Selected Publications

  • Pricing Psychology - 6 behavioural steps to pricing design. 2017.

  • B2B SaaS Pricing - How to create pricing models your customers will love. 2021 (in publication).

Ulrik can be found on LinkedIn here and can be emailed here.