How I can help you

How I can help you

I help you unlock extraordinary growth and profitability from your packaging and pricing - just as I've done for over 100+ other B2B SaaS businesses across Europe, Asia and North America.

Whether you are a legacy tech company looking to migrate an on-prem solution to cloud, a scaleup looking looking for the next S-curve or a growing tech company looking to maximise metrics and strengthen the commercial narrative prior to an exit - I've done it and I can help you.


Typical issues I help companies with:

  • Hit and exceed growth targets.

  • Improve margins

  • Secure profitability despite variable input costs.

  • Improve specific KPI's (e.g. NDR, ARPA, Churn, CLV/CAC).

  • Introduction of new product. 

  • Shift on-prem to cloud - with low or no churn.

  • Help T&M businesses productize their IP and create ARR.

  • Monetisation of open source eco-systems.

  • Monetisation through value chains (e.g. OEM-Owner-Operator).

  • Go up-market

  • Go down-market.

  • Shifting to product-led sales.

  • Shifting service revenue to ARR.

  • Iron out friction between Product and Sales departments.

  • Get past "We already tried that".

  • Set up future-proof contract frameworks.

  • Optimise prices - also across geographies.

  • Build growth forecasts, budgets and KPI structures that work.

  • Build and support internal Pricing Functions so you can DIY.

Typical Issues I help owners / Investors with:

  • Build strategies and clear roadmaps to hit true scale.

  • Plan exit strategies that the founders actually want to live through.

  • Raise growth capital across VC, private equity and IPOs.

  • Growth through M&A.

  • Help VC and PE portfolio companies unlock growth.

  • Chair boards to help executives drive growth.

How I work

I work on an advisory basis on a mandate from either top management or the board. I will agree on objectives, measurements and timeline with you, and then work to ensure your organisation know what to do, how and why to meet those objectives.

Who I help

I work exclusively with B2B SaaS (or 'tech') so whether you are a CSR concept, work with industrial spare parts or patient journals - I can help you.

I work across both lifecycles - from pre-revenue to enterprise - and across sectors, such as

  • IoT and IIoT

  • FinTech & InsureTech
  • MedTech & HealthTech

  • EdTech

  • PropTech

  • LegalTech

  • FoodTech & AgroTech

  • CleanTech

  • Marketplaces & Exchanges

Typical results

Typical results include:

  • Increased growth - often doubling or tripling existing rates.

  • Increased ARPA - often adding +50%, +500% or more.

  • Increased TAM as we target new markets with existing product.

  • Decreased sales cycles and increased conversion rates as customers 'get it'.

  • Decreased operational 'load' of customers as we streamline contracts, discounts and product configurations.

  • Increased valuations - both from higher ARR and better multiples due to better unit economics.