B2B SaaS Pricing

We create pricing strategies and pricing models for Software-as-a-Service businesses that support the underlying business strategy.


Well designed pricing - properly validated and backed by data - improves customer lifetime value and reduces both churn, rampant discounting and acquisition costs. The result is a dramatically improved commercial result for your SaaS business.


We have developed a proprietary design process to create pricing models that integrate optimally with your customers - as well as the world’s most advanced pricing AI to model and optimise packaging and price points across your portfolio.

For Startups
(& their VC's)

Getting pricing right is crucial for a startup - and is often the 'Missing Link' in the Product-Market-Fit.

We have extensive experience working with founders and VC's and are proud to call us Preferred Pricing Partner of both Microsoft ScaleUp and Samsungs global venture arm SamsungNEXT.


​ We work exclusively with B2B SaaS tools so whether you are a CSR concept, work with industrial spare parts or patient journals - we can help you. We've done them all - and more: 

  • IoT and IIoT

  • FinTech & InsureTech
  • MedTech & HealthTech

  • EdTech

  • PropTech

  • LegalTech

  • FoodTech & AgroTech

  • CleanTech

  • Marketplaces & Exchanges

Keynotes & Speaking

Have an audience that needs to understand SaaS Pricing? Our Founding Partner Ulrik Lehrskov-Schmidt is a seasoned keynote speaker and workshop facilitator who have authored several books on Behavioural Economics, Pricing Psychology and (upcoming) B2B SaaS Pricing as well as pioneered the idea to use design thinking to integrate pricing into the customer journey.