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"The definitive resource on SaaS pricing—I absolutely can not recommend this book enough."

Viktor Heide, COO of, Forbes "30 under 30"

Get pricing wrong and join the graveyard of great SaaS products that never turned into great SaaS businesses. 

Get it 'sort of right' and watch as your sales team struggle to convince your customers to buy - and prepare to settle for higher acquisition costs, higher churn, lower CLTV, lower valuation in the funding game and lower growth.


Get it right and watch as your product *clicks* with your market: acquisition costs plummet because customers 'get it'. Your Chief of Product high-fives your Chief of Sale. Churn lowers because customers think your pricing is fair. Average Revenue per customer increases as customers feel they are buying value - and they buy more over the course of their lifetime with you.

This book is written in the trenches helping B2B SaaS businesses from pre-revenue Venture cases to €1B market leaders pour fire on their pricing. 

This book will show you:
  • How to design pricing models that your customers will love.

  • How to optimally package your product into tiers, modules, add-ons and more.

  • How to charge different customers different $$ - openly.

  • How to design pricing that your sales team will love.

  • How to figure out how much your customers are willing to pay - for every feature!

  • How to turn your product roadmap into a massive growth engine by adding a pricing roadmap.

  • How to price during the crucial pilot phase with those first early customers.

  • How to raise prices - every quarter. Without losing customers.


The Pricing Roadmap

How to Design B2B SaaS Pricing Models That You Know Your Customers Will Love


Ulrik Lehrskov-Schmidt is a leading global expert on B2B SaaS pricing, and advices tech companies across Europe, US and Asia-Pacific to create pricing models that radically accelerates growth and unlocks the value of their underlying technology.

He has done commercial redesigns for over 100+ B2B SaaS companies, including dozens of business model transformations from perpetual license and on-prem legacy solutions to cloud based SaaS. He has worked for both privately held and publicly listed companies, from early stage venture to $10B+ recurring revenue enterprises.


He is a former entrepreneur with 3x exits, a prolific writer and active keynote speaker on the topics of Pricing & Monetization, Business Models, Market Validation of Products, Commercially Driven Product Design and Behavioural Economics. 

He holds a graduate degree in Analytical Philosophy & a Masters degree in Finance from Harvard University.

Ulrik can be found on LinkedIn here and can be emailed here.

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