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Services For Startups

* I define a startup as any business that has yet to turn a profit.
Startups need clear, expert advice in days - not weeks or months - that can be implemented easily and produce transformational results. 

My services are designed to do just that.



Pick My Brain

€2,000 +VAT

You can structure and implement yourself and *just* need my unique perspective and key ideas?

There is no faster way than a 1-hour 'pick my brain' session.


1-Day Pricing Sprint

€25,000 +VAT

Walk into a room. Walk out with a pricing and packaging model that works. Get full access to me during a 90-day implementation phase.

- or -

Pricing Phone

3 Months: €20,000 +VAT 

1 Year: €60,000 +VAT

No-holds-barred access to get advice, check a decision, review work or anything else you need to grow, save cash or close funding.

- or -

Tailormade Project Work

If you have a growth or business objective that doesn't fit into any of the above models you are welcome to reach out. We will then discuss objectives, measurements, timelines and methodology. If we reach conceptual agreement of what, why, who and when I will then forward you a fixed fee proposal outlining our agreement.

Typical project work is done for Series A+ startups and falls in the €100-200K range.

Write me at and we can set up an initial call.

Fixed Fee based on mutually agreed upon objectives 

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