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CASE: Preferred Pricing Partner for byFounders - early stage VC

I have helped the portfolio companies of byFounders with pricing, packaging and monetization strategies since 2017.


Stage: Early stage VC

"As a venture fund we often experience that the companies we invest in struggle with pricing. What are their customers willing to pay? Where do they position themselves in the market? That is when we bring in Ulrik as sort of a value-add ‘SWAT-team’ - Tommy Andersen, Managing Partner.

I help a lot of VC and private equity firms on a portfolio level. But byFounders was one of the first ones and I've helped them since the early inception of their first fund in 2017. I have advised about 10 of their first batch and am now involved with several from Fund II as well.

Besides project work I sit as long-term advisor for two of their portfolio companies and am an equity holder in four.

Ulrik excels at quickly understanding what the business is, what market it operates in, how the competition dynamics work and using all of this to create good pricing. He brings that necessary 'outside in' viewpoint and have deep experience with applying pricing strategies." - Tommy Andersen.


More Cases ?

I do about 20 SaaS pricing projects a year and function as an advisor for about 5-10 SaaS companies - large and small - on an ongoing basis, many of which I'm also an investor in. That said, most of my clients do not want to publish their results as openly as in this case (check logos on my front page) so if you can't find a case that matches your particular vertical or pricing issue - simply reach out and ask.

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